The Village Fryer Cheshire.​​
​Mobile Fish & Chip Van.
The original and arguably the best mobile fish & chip catering business in Cheshire.
We are a family run venture with over 15 years experience in hospitality  and catering.
Our mission to provide freshly cooked to order product, served in packaging keeping the product piping hot and crispy until eaten.
We are not only about fish & chips, but also offer scampi, Jumbo sausages, meat pies fish cakes, chicken nuggets and the usual mushy Peas, curry sauce and gravy.
The business holds a 5 star health and hygiene rating issued by CWAC, all product and liabilitiy insurances. 
We have a regular weekly round and a thriving event catering business. 
Fresh 8/10oz Cod

Jumbo Sausages

Fish Cakes


Meat pies

Chicken Nuggets

All above served with Chips

Mushy Peas, Curvy Sauce & Gravy

All the usual Condiments 

Special dietary needs catered For
Traditional Fish and Chips are one of Britain's all time favourites. 
Recently they have become a popular cost effective alternative to the cold buffet, offered at weddings, parties, and special occasion functions.

We have over the years catered at :

Birthday parties
Cub And Scout  Jamborees.
Scooter Rallies
Folk Festivals
Charity and Fund raising events.

We operate in and around Cheshire and the North West.


Please contact for prices and availabilty.

Our Fish and Chips
We use only the best quality 8/10oz cod fillets. Sourced only from MSC approved suppliers.
The fish is fried in specially mixed batter, which is always light and crispy, guaranteeing fresh, dry, crispy product every time.

​Using only only fresh 14mm chips which we double fry, giving the perfect chip, dry and crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.
Nothing frozen here and importantly for Coeliacs the chips are not treated in dry white.

We use Palm lard from sustainable sources, suitable for both vegetarians and coeliacs. Low in saturated fats, ensuring a light crispy dry product every time.

As early as 1863, it is believed fish and chips were being sold out of a wooden hut in Mossley market in Lancashire. Others claim the first fish and chip shop was actually opened by a Jewish imigrant Joseph Malin within the sound of Bow Bells in the East End in 1860. Whichever is correct they have stood the test of time------------157 years and counting.
In 1928 Harry Ramsdens opened his first shop. In 1952 his shop in Guiseley West Yorkshire served 10,000 portions in one day. A record still in the Guiness book of records to this day.
During WW11. fish and chips remained one of the few foods not to rationed in the UK.

Doused in salt and vinegar a portion of fish and chips is rarely considered as a healthy,nutrious meal. However The British Nutrition Foundation says  " fish and chips can be eaten as part of a healthy diet when eaten in moderation.

An average portion contains following:
"Less than 10% fat.
Around 860-900 calories.
30-50grms of protien per fillet of fish."

Now compared with other takeways:
Indian 1338 calories.
Pizza 12inch 1835 calories.
Chinese 2040 calories.
I would have fish and chips everytime, but then I'm biased!!!!!!!


23 January-----Sally, party at Kingswood
"Brilliant! Guests loved the fish and chips."

 5 March-------Ian, presentation evening at Sale
"Excellent will book again for next year."

8 April----------Liz, family party on the Wirral
"Many thanks, exceeded expectation's . Pity about the rain!"

16 April---------Rebecca, birthday party at Norley
"Great night, I have recomended my friend contact for charity evening later in the year."

11 June---------Joanna, 55th birthday party at Warrington
"Guests still talking about fish and chips, many thanks."

18 June---------Rachael, birthday party at lymn
"Didn't get a chance to thank you last night , fantastic I will recomend The Village Fryer."

25 June---------Diana, wedding at Dunham Massey
"Lovely food on a perfect day."

2 July------------Graham and Jane, wedding at llangollen
"Wow, everyone still raving about the fish and chips. many thanks to you and Jemma."

28 August-----Steven, 21st birthday at Lymn
" A friend recomended  The Village Fryer, we were not disapointed."

3 September--Emily and Nicky. 21st birthday party at Ashton Heyes
"You saved the day by stepping in at the last minute, having been let down by original caterer. Everything was brilliant."

10 September-Natalie, charity birthday party at Norley
"Everyone majorly impressed, loved the fish and chips."

8 November---Janet, WI meal at Thoughton Hough on the Wirral
"Lovely fish and chips. Many thanks to Jemma for excellent service in the pouring rain. We will rebook  for the spring next year." 

16 December-15th birthday party at Timperly
"Can't thank you enough for catering the party after we were let down by original  guy. The fish and chips were great. we will recomend  you." 


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